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25 Jan '24
Tips For Storing Logs During The Winter Months
Tips For Storing Logs During The Winter Months

Tips For Storing Logs During The Winter Months

Nothing helps to beat the winter blues more than a roaring log fire casting light and warmth around your home. Of course, to have a fire that burns clean and hot, you need to have the right kind of logs that have been properly chopped, stored and seasoned.

Different types of wood can be chopped and seasoned in different ways and over varying periods. However, the way you store the logs – particularly over the colder and wetter winter months – should always be the same.

Below, you can find some top tips on storing your firewood over the winter so that when the time comes to have a fire, you have a ready supply of clean and dry fuel to burn.


The first thing to consider is how much firewood you need for the fire season. This will dictate a wide range of other factors, such as the type and size of wood, how big your log store needs to be and how much you may have to spend on fuel. The factors affecting how much you need are also varied. For example, will you have a fire daily as the main heat source or only on special occasions? How big is the space you need to heat? How long, on average, will your fire be burning? Do some rudimentary calculations and try to establish how much you need. You can then think about the below.

Splitting and chopping

If you’re buying in firewood, try to request a selection of sizes, with some big logs for established fires and smaller logs and kindling for starting fires. If you’re chopping wood yourself, try to split it into various sizes for the same reasons as above. It’s a good idea to try and stack wood in size order so that you can easily access a choice of different sizes each time you have a fire.

Log stores

An effective log store is essential for storing wood properly. For chopped wood to dry and season effectively, it ideally needs to be stored outside where it will not get wet but is well-ventilated to allow for the drying-out process to happen. Our range of wooden log stores is designed to offer maximum protection against the elements but also the right ventilation to ensure the wood is seasoned correctly and ready to burn.

It’s always worth giving your log store an occasional once over to ensure that roofs and walls are in good condition and not letting in moisture. And if you’re worried about the security of your wood pile, you can always choose a model with a door and side ventilation options to keep things safe. It may be a good idea to have a tarpaulin in and around the log store to act as extra cover if the weather is going to be particularly bad for a period.


Tips For Storing Logs During The Winter Months

Store off the floor

As well as moisture coming from above and the sides, it can also come from below. That’s why you should always try and store wood off the floor. If your wood store doesn’t have an integrated floor, use a wooden pallet or some planks and props to keep wood off the ground. This will ensure your supply stays dry and allows for better ventilation and more effective drying.


As mentioned above, it is a good idea to try to stack logs in size order to give you access to varying sizes as and when needed. However, this is not essential. But what is necessary is that your logs are stacked in an orderly way. Well-stacked wood allows for better ventilation and means that should moisture get into your supply, it will only affect the top layer or two rather than saturating the entire stack.

Location, location, location

If you are getting a new wood store, then consider its location. Which way does the prevailing wind blow, as this usually means rain blows in from that direction? Try to face the open sides of log stores away from this. It’s also a good idea to store away from overhanging trees as this will be prone to drips, and avoid low-lying areas as moisture tends to gather here.

Follow the above advice, and you will have a solid stack of well-seasoned and dry firewood ready to be loaded into your wood burner or fireplace. And, one last tip. Try and locate your log store as close to the house as possible, as the last thing you need is to be traipsing back and forth in the rain to load up on more wood every time you need it. 

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