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Garden Bridges

An extensive range of ornamental garden bridges in a choice of styles and sizes.

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A Bridge Can Transform Your Garden

There are many different options when it comes to making your garden look amazing and the best it can be. Making sure that you fully utilise your outdoor space is key when thinking about the design of your garden, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and enabling you to create something unique. An increasing number of home owners are using garden bridges to do just that.

What Benefits Does A Bridge Bring To A Garden

A bridge is of course used in many gardens for functional reasons such as having a ditch, a stretch of water, a stream or a pond that needs to be crossed. However one of the key benefits ornamental bridges bring is the addition of structure. They help not only to give a focal point to your outdoor space to catch the eye, but also help add interest to it. When we see a bridge, we instinctively want to cross, or at the very least see what's on the other side. This helps to draw the eye around the garden, making the space look and feel more multi-dimensional. And whether the garden is classically or contemporary styled, a wooden bridge, particularly spanning water, brings an elegance unmatched by most other features.

How To Use A Wooden Bridge In Your Outdoor Space

If you are thinking of installing a bridge in your garden then one of the first things to consider is where it will be positioned. Obviously, if you are installing one to span a pond or river then this will dictate where it will be placed. If the bridge is purely for ornamental purposes then you can experiment a little more. Many people use them to one side of the garden to divert the eye and give an illusion of added space. They can also be used to great effect to connect different parts of the garden, such as a sitting areas, dining areas and children's play areas.

Bridges From Rutland County Garden Furniture

Here are Rutland County Garden Furniture we have a great selection of wooden garden bridges that can be made to suit your own individual preferences. From the elegant Gwash model with a striking hand-rail to the simple yet stylish Glen bridge, you will be sure to find one you love. Available in a choice of different lengths and widths and finishes, you can also pick from a flat or curved base section along with a selection of hand-rail styles to create something perfect for your garden.

Hand-crafted from beautiful wood and pressure treated for longevity, the classic designs of our bridges mean they will give many years of practical use. Whichever option you choose, they all offer the same great value and top quality design, and will make a superb addition to any garden or outdoor space.

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