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15 Feb '24
Spring into Action: A Complete Guide to Prepping Your Garden for Spring
Spring into Action: A Complete Guide to Prepping Your Garden for Spring

Spring into Action: A Complete Guide to Prepping Your Garden for Spring

As the days grow longer, the temperatures begin to climb, and the buds finally begin to appear on the trees, winter is nearing its end. This means spring is just around the corner, and the garden is ready to burst into life once more.

This is a great time for gardeners and garden lovers, watching as the space emerges from its winter hibernation and begins to bloom into summer. However, it’s not quite as easy as watching it happen if you want to make the best of your garden. There are quite a few things you need or can do to help your garden at this time of year.

Below, you can find a checklist of what you need to do now to keep your garden looking its absolute best throughout the spring and the rest of the year.

Get your seeds ready

Ideally, you should have already collected seeds from the plants in your garden that you want to grow again this year. Alternatively, you should have purchased them from a reliable and reputable seed supplier. Every seed is different, and while some will need to be sown directly into the soil outside, others will need to be started in the greenhouse or other suitable environment. To maximise the growing season in the UK, you need to plan your seeding and planting early so you’re ready to plant out, harvest or flower at the right times.

Arrange your beds

Any beds or borders need to be cleaned and weeded and ideally turned over with compost or mulch added. It’s recommended to try adding 15 to 20% of new organic matter every year to keep the soil fertile and suitable for growing, which is why having an ongoing compost heap is such a good idea. You must also remove any dead matter or parts from perennials such as hydrangeas.

Spring into Action: A Complete Guide to Prepping Your Garden for Spring

Prepare the soil

We mentioned above about adding organic matter to the soil; this applies right across the garden. Turn over and aerate any exposed soil or areas where you are planting, and try to add as much organic matter and compost as possible. You may also need to test the pH levels of specific areas, depending on what you plan to plant there. You can then add materials to create a more balanced pH level. Adding mulch to the surface creates a top layer of organic activity that will break down and add nutrients to the soil. It will also help to trap water, keeping your soil moist and reducing the need for watering.


It’s important to prune any shrubs or trees before spring really gets into gear. This can help to limit the size and shape of a plant for the rest of the year and help it to grow how you want it to. It’s important to prune when the plants are still dormant, or you may limit any flowering that can occur. Pruning can also help limit seed dispersal and improve the plant’s overall appearance.

Add features and furniture

To give your garden an eye-catching upgrade this spring and summer, why not invest in some new garden furniture or a design feature such as a pergola or water element? Adding sustainable garden furniture made of wood can help enhance a garden and provide practical outdoor space for the warmer months. Tables and chairs, benches, swinging seats – all of these can transform a space and now is the time to add them for maximum summer impact and bedding-in purposes.


As well as checking your planting plan, it’s also a good time to carry out an inventory to see what’s what in the garden. Make a note of what seeds you have and which you may need to collect this year. Check and turn your compost to ensure you have plenty of organic matter to spread and run through your garden tools and equipment to ensure it’s all in good working order.

Spring is an exciting time in the garden, full of promise of what is to come for the rest of the year. Tick off the jobs you need to do and get your garden ready now, and you will reap the benefits for the rest of the year. And why not treat yourself to some stylish and sustainable new wooden garden furniture to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space this summer? Check out the range at Rutland and enhance your outdoor living options.

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